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DeTolla's M & M Beer has a wide variety of beers that we carry or can special order for you. Click on the links below to view our complete beer list in alphabetical order. Our Beer List is always changing so if you do not see a beer your looking for just give us a call. We can get it for you!!
Eel River Climax Noel 22NR
EKU 28 11.2 NR
EKU Pils 11.2 NR
EKU Pils 5 Liter
Ephemere (Apple) 12NR
Erdinger Weissebrau 11.2 NR
Erie Derailed 1/6
Erie Derailed 12NR
Erie Drake's Crude 12NR
Erie Drake's Crude Stout 1/2
Erie Fallenbock 12NR
Erie Heritage Alt 12NR
Erie Mad Anthony's Ale 12NR
Erie Misery Bay IPA 1/6
Erie Misery Bay IPA 12NR
Erie Ol' Red 1/2
Erie Ol' Red 1/6
Erie Ol' Red 12NR
Erie Railbender 1/2
Erie Railbender 1/6
Erie Railbender Ale 12NR
Erie Variety 12NR

Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser
Flying Dog Old Scratch
Flying Dog Tire Bite Ale
Flying Dog Variety
Flying Dog Woody Creek White
Foster's Lager 12NR
Foster's Lager 25oz. Cans
Founders Backwoods Bastard
Founders Centenial IPA
Founders Cerise
Founders Dirty Bastard
Founders Old Curmudgeon
Founders Porter
Founders Red Rye
Founders Variety Pack
Franziskaner Weiss Dark 16.9NR
Franziskaner Weiss Hefe 16.9NR
Fuller's ESB 12NR
Furthermore 3Ft. Deep St. 12NR
Furthermore Knotstock 12NR
Furthermore Makeweight 12NR
Furthermore Proper 12NR
Furthermore Variety 12NR

Genesee Beer 12NR
Genesee Beer 30 Cans
Genesee Bock 12oz. cans
Genesee Cream Ale 12NR
Genesee Cream Ale 30 Cans
Genesee Light 12NR
Genesee Light 30 Cans
Gordon Imperial IPA Cans
Great Lakes Blkout Stout 1/2
Great Lakes Blkout Stout 1/6
Great Lakes Blkout Stout 12NR
Great Lakes Burning River 1/2
Great Lakes Burning River 12NR
Great Lakes Burning River1/6
Great Lakes Christmas Ale 1/2
Great Lakes Christmas Ale 1/6
Great Lakes Christmas Ale 12NR
Great Lakes Comm. Perry 1/2
Great Lakes Comm. Perry 1/6
Great Lakes Comm. Perry 12NR
Great Lakes Conway's Irish 1/2
Great Lakes Conway's Irish 1/6
Great Lakes Conway's Irish12NR
Great Lakes Dortmunder 1/2
Great Lakes Dortmunder 1/6
Great Lakes Dortmunder 12NR
Great Lakes Edmund Fitz. 1/6
Great Lakes Edmund Fitz. 12NR
Great Lakes Edmund Fitz.1/2
Great Lakes Eliot Ness 1/2
Great Lakes Eliot Ness 1/6
Great Lakes Eloit Ness 12NR
Great Lakes Erie Monster 12NR
Great Lakes Holy Moses12NR
Great Lakes Nosferatu 1/2
Great Lakes Nosferatu 1/6
Great Lakes Nosferatu 12NR
Great Lakes Oktoberfest 1/2
Great Lakes Oktoberfest 1/6
Great Lakes Oktoberfest 12NR
Great Lakes Variety12NR
Green Flash Hop Head Red
Green Flash Imperial IPA 22NR
Green Flash Variety
Green Flash West Coast IPA
Grimbergen Double 11.2NR
Grolsch 12 NR
Grolsch 15.2 NR
Grolsch 15.2 NR (20)
Guinness Draught 11.2NR
Guinness Draught 14.9 Oz. Cans
Guinness Extra Stout 12 Oz. NR
Guinness Surger 14.9 Oz. Cans
Hack. Pschorr Munich 12 Oz. NR
Hack. Pschorr Wiesse 12 Oz. NR
Hansa 16.9 Oz. NR
Harp Lager12 Oz.. NR
Harpoon I.P.A. 12 Oz. NR
Hazed and Infused 12 Oz. NR
Heavy Seas Below Decks 12Oz.NR
Heavy Seas Hang Ten 12Oz.NR
Heavy Seas Loose Can. 12Oz.NR
Heavy Seas Peg Leg 12 Oz. NR
Heavy Seas Sm.Craft 12 Oz. NR
Heavy Seas SunkSmpl 12 Oz. NR
Heavy Seas Winter Storm 12NR
Heavy Seas Yule Tide 22 Oz. NR
Heineken 12 Oz.Cans
Heineken 12 Oz.NR
Heineken 22 Oz.NR
Heineken 5LTR Can
Heineken 7 Oz.NR
Heineken Dark 12 Oz.NR
Heineken Light 12 Oz.Cans
Heineken Light 12 Oz.NR
Heineken Light 5LTR Can
Hoegaaden 11.2 NR
Hofbrau Dunkle 12NR
Hofbrau Kindl Weizen12NR
Hofbrau Maibock 12NR
Hofbrau Oktoberfest 12NR
Hofbrau Oktoberfest 5LTR
Hofbrau Original 12NR
Hook&Ladder Variety 12NR
Hornsby's Draft Cider 12 NR
Detolla's M & M Beer List DeTolla's M & M Beer List Detolla's M & M Beer List Detolla's M & M Beer List Detolla's M & M Beer List Detolla's M & M Beer List Detolla's M & M Beer List

Swing Tree IPA
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Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.
~ Kaiser Wilhelm

24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?
~ Stephen Wright

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