DeTolla's M & M Beer has a wide variety of beers that we carry or can special order for you. Click on the links below to view our complete beer list in alphabetical order. Our Beer List is always changing so if you do not see a beer your looking for just give us a call. We can get it for you!!

Beer List A-D Beer List E-H Beerlist I-L Beer List M-P Beer List Q-T Beer List U-W Beer List X-Z
Unibroue A Tout Le Monde
Unibroue A Tout Le Monde 4PK
Unibroue Blonde De L'enfer
Unibroue Trois Pistole 12NR
Unibroue Trois Pistole 4PKNR
Unibroue Variety
Unibroue Variety 6PK NR

Verhaeghe Sour Ale Gift Box
Victory 19th Aniv. IPA 12NR
Victory 20TH Aniv. IPA 12NR
Victory 21ST Bday IPA 12NR
Victory 4Front 1-12NR
Victory 4Front 12NR
Victory 4Front 6PK
Victory Agave IPA
Victory Berliner Weisse 12 NR
Victory Blk Forest Cake 12NR
Victory Blk Forest Cake 6PK
Victory BLOR IPA 1-12NR
Victory BLOR IPA 6PK
Victory Cage Radler 12Cans
Victory Cage Radler 6PK Cans
Victory Cream Ale 12NR
Victory Dirt Wolf 1/6
Victory Dirt Wolf 12 NR
Victory Dirt Wolf 12 PK
Victory Festbier 1-12NR
Victory Festbier 12 NR
Victory Festbier 12PK NR
Victory Festbier 6PK
Victory Golden Monkey 12NR
Victory Golden Monkey 12PK
Victory Golden Monkey 6PK NR
Victory Golden Monkey DONT USE
Victory Headwaters 12PK CAN
Victory Headwaters 2/12 CAN
Victory Headwaters Pale 1/2
Victory Headwaters Pale 12NR
Victory Headwaters Pale 6PK NR
Victory Home Grown 1-12NR
Victory Home Grown 12NR
Victory Home Grown 6PK NR
Victory Hop Devil 1/6
Victory Hop Devil 12 NR
Victory Hop Devil 12oz Cans
Victory Hop Devil 12PK Cans
Victory Hop Devil 12PK NR
Victory Hop Devil 6PK Can
Victory Hop Ranch IPA 12 NR
Victory Kirsch Gose 1-12NR
Victory Kirsch Gose 12 NR
Victory Kirsch Gose 12PK
Victory Kirsch Gose 6PK NR
Victory Mighty Things 1-12NR
Victory Mighty Things 6PK NR
Victory Moon Glow 12 NR
Victory Old Horizontal 22 NR
Victory Peach 6PK
Victory Prima Pils 1/2
Victory Prima Pils 12 NR
Victory Prima Pils 12 PK NR
Victory Prima Pils 12pk Cans
Victory Sour Monkey 1-12NR
Victory Sour Monkey 12NR
Victory Sour Monkey 12PK NR
Victory Sour Monkey 6PK NR
Victory Storm King Stout 1/6
Victory Storm King Stout 12NR
Victory Summer Love 12NR
Victory Summer Love 12oz Cans
Victory Summer Love 12PK Cans
Victory Summer Love 16oz Cans
Victory Summer Love 6PK NR
Victory Summer Love Ale 1/6
Victory Summer Var. 12PK 12NR
Victory Summer Variety 12 NR
Victory Variety 12 NR
Victory Variety 12oz Cans
Victory Variety 12PK 12NR
Victory Variety 12PK Cans
Victory Vital IPA 12PK CAN
Victory Vital IPA Can
Victory White Monkey 1-750mL
Victory Winter Cheer 12 NR
Victory Winter Cheer 6PK NR
Victory Wisdom's Hour 1-750mL
Voodoo Amber Waves 4PK Can
Voodoo Beach Gear 4PK Can
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo 1-12NR
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo 12PKNR
Voodoo Big Black Voodoo 4PK NR
Voodoo Good Vibes 1-12B
Voodoo Good Vibes IPA 1/6
Voodoo Good Vibes IPA 12 NR
Voodoo Good Vibes IPA 12PK NR
Voodoo Good Vibes IPA 4PK NR
Voodoo Grand Met 12NR
Voodoo Grand Met 12PK
Voodoo Hazy Afternoon 16Can
Voodoo Hazy Afternoon 4PK Can
Voodoo Hoodoo IPA 12NR
Voodoo Hoodoo IPA 12PK NR
Voodoo June Gloom 4PK Can
Voodoo KillaPilz 12PK
Voodoo Love Child 12NR
Voodoo Love Child 12PK 12NR
Voodoo Love Child 4 PK NR
Voodoo Pillzilla 22NR
Voodoo Poznan Piwo 4PK
Voodoo Variety 12 NR
Voodoo Variety 12PK 12 NR
Voodoo White Magic 12 NR
Voodoo White Magic 12PK
Voodoo Wynona's Brown 12PK
Voodoo Wynona's Brown 4PK NR
Warsteiner 11.2 NR
Warsteiner 12PK
Warsteiner Dunkle 11.2 NR
Warsteiner Dunkle 12PK
Warsteiner Grapefruit 11.2 NR
Warsteiner Grapefruit 1-11.2NR
Warsteiner Grapefruit 6PK
Warsteiner Oktoberfest 11.2 NR
Warsteiner Oktoberfest 12PK NR
Warsteiner Oktoberfest 6PK
Warsteiner Oktoberfest1-11.2NR
Warsteiner Winter 12NR
Weihenstephan Hefe 6PK NR
Weihenstephan Hefweissbeir12NR
Wells Banana Bread Beer 12NR
Wells Banana Bread Beer 4PK
Weyerbacher 21st Anniv.12NR
Weyerbacher 22nd Anniv. 1-12NR
Weyerbacher 22nd Anniv. 4PK
Weyerbacher Berry Monks 12NR
Weyerbacher Big Beer Var. 12NR
Weyerbacher Big Beer Var. 12PK
Weyerbacher Blith. Idiot 12PK
Weyerbacher Blood Or Tarte Nuv
Weyerbacher Cinnsanity 12NR
Weyerbacher Cinnsanity 4PK
Weyerbacher Cinnsanity 1-12NR
Weyerbacher Dbl. Simcoe 12NR
Weyerbacher Dbl. Simcoe 16Can
Weyerbacher Dbl. Simcoe 4PKCan
Weyerbacher Double IPA 12NR
Weyerbacher Finally Legal 4PK
Weyerbacher FinallyLegal1-12NR
Weyerbacher Heresy 12NR
Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin 12NR
Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin 4PK
Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin1-12NR
Weyerbacher Insanity 1-12NR
Weyerbacher Insanity 12NR
Weyerbacher Insanity 4PK NR
Weyerbacher IPA#1 12NR
Weyerbacher Last Chance 1-12NR
Weyerbacher Last Chance 6PK
Weyerbacher Mellow Monks 12NR
Weyerbacher Merry Monks 12PKNR
Weyerbacher Merry Monks 2/12NR
Weyerbacher Merry Monks 4/6NR
Weyerbacher Old Heathen 12NR
Weyerbacher Quad 1-12NR
Weyerbacher Quad 12NR
Weyerbacher Quad 4PK NR
Weyerbacher SMP 6PK NR
Weyerbacher Sun.Mole 12NR
Weyerbacher Sun.Mole.St 4PK
Weyerbacher Sun.Mole1-12NR
Weyerbacher Sun.Morn.St 1-12NR
Weyerbacher Sun.Morn.St 4PK
Weyerbacher Tarte Nuveau 12NR
Weyerbacher Tiny 12NR
Weyerbacher Wit 12NR
Weyerbacher Wit 6PK
WG Variety 12PK Cans
White Claw BlkCH 12oz Cans
White Claw BlkCH 6PK Cans
White Claw Lime 12oz Cans
White Claw Lime 6PK Cans
White Claw Variety 12PK
White Claw Variety 24/12 Cans
Widmer Omission IPA 12NR
Widmer Omission IPA 6PK
Widmer Omission Lager 12NR
Widmer Omission Lager 6PK
Widmer Omission Pale Ale 12NR
Widmer Omission Pale Ale 6PK
Widmer Omission UltimateLT12NR
Widmer Omission UltimateLT6PK
Wild Blue 12NR
Wild Blue 6PK NR
Wild Ginger Beer 12 oz Can
Wild Root 6PK Can
William Penn 12oz Cans
Wolaver's Coffee Porter 12NR
Wolf Pup 15PK Can
Woodchuck Amber 12NR
Woodchuck Amber 12PK NR
Woodchuck Amber 6PK NR
Woodchuck Fall 12NR
Woodchuck Granny Smith 6PK
Woodchuck Granny Smith12NR
Woodchuck Gumption 12NR
Woodchuck Gumption 6PK
Woodchuck Hopsation 12NR
Woodchuck Summer 12oz Cans
Woodchuck Summer 12PK Cans
Woodchuck Variety 12NR
Woodchuck Variety 12PK NR
Woodchuck Winter 12NR
Wyndridge GF Cider 1-12Can
Wyndridge GF Cider 6PK